Create Services

1. Click on “Amelia” in the left side menu.



2. Click on “Services”.



3. To add a new category of services, click on “Add Category” button.



4. Type the category name and click on “✔” icon to save.



5. To add a service to a category, click on “Add Service” button.



6. Enter the details in the “Service Details” tab as shown below.



7. Open the “Gallery” tab.



8. Click on “Add Image” and add relevant images.



9. Open “Extras” tab and click on “Add Extra” button.



10. Enter details as shown below and click “Save” button.



11. Open “Settings” tab, click on “General” and set values as applicable.



12. Click on “Payments” and enable this option to accept online payment.



13. Click on “Integrations”, and enable the options applicable for this service.



14. Click on “Save” button.


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